DIRT BAGS: Davidson County's Underground Track Network

Pack it, shape it, wet it, dust it, slap it, ride it, and repeat until perfect. Freshly groomed and prepared, terra cotta waves rise, fall, and flow like a river of clay, displaying the artistry of these dirt digging denizens.

Bike parks have been popping up all over major cities, yet in Davidson County unsung private tracks have been here all along, paid for not in municipal dollars, but in sweat.

PASTURE-RAISED BEEF in Davidson County

From the time they’re born until they reach full maturity, the cows on Jeff Boyst’s 100-year-old farm, BN Acres,  graze on nothing but grass. Depending on the season, the herd of about fifty Charolais cattle enjoy a rotating crop of rye, millet, fescue, orchard grass, and sorghum-sudan grass. 

“If you take care of the pasture you’re going to have good animals,” says Boyst, who took charge, after his grandfather’s passing in 2007, of the farmland at BN Acres. “It’s a delicate process to make sure we’re giving them the right grass for the right end product.”

Yadkin River Crossing and the Good Roads Movement: Wil-Cox Bridge

For as long as there have been people and rivers, people have attempted to conquer rivers. 

Throughout the years, those river conquests have come in the form of fords, ferries, and bridges. The Wil-Cox Bridge stands today as a silent witness to nearly a century of Yadkin River crossings between Rowan and Davidson Counties. This area, extending back three centuries, was known as the Trading Ford